Alessandro Del Piero, Juventus
Del Piero-Also giving back to youth in California. Straight from Italy!

Above is legendary Del Piero of Juventus also giving back to youth soccer in California. The goal is to make the up and rising stars the best!

Q.        Are you available outside the posted schedule?

A. Sometimes, case by case because an exception can be made to accommodate a last minute request.

Q.        How long in advance can I secure your services/commitment to coaching?

A. We know life gets in the way, but please give us at least one hour notice. However, all requests made between 4-14 days will be accommodated as long as there are no emergencies.

Q.        Is there a waiver for injuries?

A. Yes, these must be signed for player by parent and/or player (must be 18 years or older). Waivers are updated annually. This starts from July 15th, 2019.

Q.        What happens when the training gets interrupted by weather or unforeseen circumstances?

A. The training session will then be charged by the minute. Minute trained divided by 60 x hourly rate. For example: Rate of $50, played for 25 minutes = 25/60 x $50 = $20.83

Q.        Are parents allowed on the field during training?

A. No, parents are expected to observe from the stands/fence area. The goal is to create the best coaching-playing experience!      

Q.        What equipment is the player expected to bring for the training sessions?


  • Water, (required)
  • Jogging shoes and socks (required)
  • Soccer cleats (required)
  • Sun-screen (optional)
  • Gatorade (optional)
  • Gloves (if applicable, usually for goalies)
  • Any other equipment(s) needed to improve performance

Q.        Can a player ask for specific skills to be taught?

A. Absolutely! These training sessions are meant to be conversational. We are in your corner and rooting for you! So please feel free to open up about your strengths and areas of opportunities so we can work better as a team.      

Q.        What happens when the training goes over the hour by 5-15 minutes?

  A.   Nothing. This often happens just because we want to end a session on the most productive note. In this case, the client has no further financial obligation outside of agreed service payment.

Q.        Are the warm-ups and cool-down sessions mandatory?

A.    Yes, simply because that is the only way to effectively tackle all the activities ahead.          

Q.          Can a player text or eat while training is on?

A.    Power bars for energy are permitted. Phone usage for quick/emergency texts or calls during breaks is acceptable. There are usually 5-8 breaks per day ranging from 30-90 seconds.